Superman and The Puma

They came they saw they conquered! What a night of squash we witnessed at the Nelson Club on Tuesday. I don’t believe the walls on court one have ever been smashed as hard (or as accurately!) as they were by Paul, Diego, Nele and Megan. All the players turned on the tricks and showed just why they are ranked with the world’s best.
First up was Megan Craig from Blenheim Vs Nele Gillis from Belgium. Nele is ranked 30th in the world and although Megan managed to keep up in the first game, Nele’s accuracy and speed was too much; she eventually went on to win 3-0.
Next up were Paul and Diego. This was always going to be a tough one with Diego desperate to even up the series and Paul looking to end it with a match to spare. The crowd was treated to 75 minutes of squash at a level never seen before in NZ. These two went at it hammer and tong, both pulling off recovery shots that caused many a gasp and facepalm from the spectators. One backwall boast from Diego, hit from halfway, smashed into the glass so hard the building shook and Revti’s hair turned grey. Diego eventually won it in 5 leaving the decider to be played in Greymouth.
Many thanks to the following companies and individuals. Without their help we could not have made this event the success that it was!
From the crew on Sunday who managed to make court one look like new again through to our auctioneering secretary – Ali “Express” Lawley.

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