Business House League

It’s business time… BUSINESS HOUSE!
Business House is very social, and based around fun and getting people involved and into squash as an all-round fitness sport.

Each team has three members and games last for 20 minutes each player, with continuous scoring.

All games are played with Blue Dot ( bouncy ) squash balls – so the ball stays alive and bounces higher, making it easier for less experience players.
There are no strokes – just lets – safety is paramount.

At the end of the evening we provide food as part of your entry, and the warm bar is open for socialising all evening.
We start at 6:00pm with 20 minute games, finishing around 7:30

Cost per team is $160 (or pay $5 per person, per night) and we have the ability to have 12 teams playing as we have 6 superb courts.
If you think this would be of interest to your business please pass the word around. If you have any questions or queries, please just ask.

Please email if your business or workplace may be interested in entering