Business House Results

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Hi All,

Huge congratulation to Henpecked who smashed the Strokers 3-1 to win the finals and top the points board with 44 points to Strokers 40 !

I really enjoyed this last round of Business House, but maybe 12 weeks felt a bit too long for some..? Let me know what you think .

We will have a few weeks off, and get another round started soon – please let me know if your team is keen to take the trophy from Henpecked.

I’m going to email Accounts Dept and see if they would like to enter a team, or have individual girls in the teams that are short of female members.

Silent scoring was fun for the last round – I think that we should do that more often in the next round… again, let me know what you think.

Thanks to Thorvald for the lovely cheese, and to Shaun and Magda for their contribution too !!

Thanks teams !